Monday, 17 June 2013

Lync 2013 Standard Edition Pool Pairing Failed - "Cannot find any suitable disks for database files"

During a deployment I configured Pool Pairing for 2 Standard Edition Front-Ends. One of the Standard Edition servers was the primary pool for all users, with another Standard Edition server in the DR site.

After enabling Pool Pairing in the Topology

And confirming the 1:1 Pool Pair.

We publish the Topology. We immediately received the following error.

Back into the topology builder to try and reinstall the failed database configuration.

Instead of clicking next to "Automatically determine database file location" click Advanced

And select "Use SQL Server instance defaults". When configuring a Standard Edition Front-End server SQL instance defaults are using when the databases are installed. Why the install database was failing using automatic detection settings. We couldn't find an appropriate answer and are still investigating.

UPDATE: After some additional investgation found that the Standard Edition Servers had aprox 65GB disk space free. As per the Microsoft KB Article

Installing a Lync Database will fail if the server has less then 72GB Free disk space.

After selecting "Use Default instance defaults" click OK, then next to proceed with the database installation. And Success!

After installing the database on the backup pool, continued steps configuring Pool Pairing continued.


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