Monday, 18 June 2012

Lync Social Connector

This summer so far has been an exciting one, and this post in no exception. Another MVP, Loryan Strant has developed a Lync Social Connector for Outlook that will scan an incoming email for Lync Federation and will prompt you if you would like to add them, ignore or block domain to your contact list.

The Social Connector can be downloaded here.

The application is a Outlook plugin that also has a tray icon (hidden by default).
Installation & operation are simple:
- install the Lync Social Connector
- restart Outlook
- when you receive an email from someone who has Lync but isn't on your contact list you will be asked if you want to add them with the options: Yes / No / Ignore User / Ignore Domain
- if you want to stop ignoring a user or domain then right click on the tray icon and select the removal options
Thanks Loryan!
Another great Lync program added to another great program!! Lync!!!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Hotkey Dialing With Microsoft Lync

Every morning I TRY and see what's new in the Lync world, and what the community has been up to.
Matt Landis MVP has published this great program that will allow you to highlight any phone number press F8 and Lync will automatically dial. Why wasn’t this built into the product??? Don't know, but I will mention you can get TAPI Lync dialing software from other vendors at $20-100 per license. And Matt has generously provided it to the community.

Just finished installing it and it works as expected.
Note; this only works on Windows 7 and Server 2008 and 2008 R2. The F8 hotkey has been hard coded into the script so you can’t change that. But over all a fantastic addition to Lync!
Thanks Matt!
you can download it from from the Technet Gallery Here

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Real Time Lync Call via PowerShell

Found a great PowerShell script today on LinkedIn called Peak Call Capacity which was created by Lync MVP/MCM Tom Pacyk.

Really informational script that will let you see in real time the number of current calls, the times they started, PSTN or Lync calls and inbound or outbound.
The screen shot below is a outbound call from me to my cell phone

if the call was an inbound call, the User1Uri would be PSTN call The next screen shot is a Lync to Lync call. Also in the below screen shot the 2 Lync users are federated and still showes both users sip address. And also note that the IsUser1Internal is set false.

Also this is a super simple script to run does not require indepth knowledge of powershell which is good for new professionals to Lync.
The script can be downloaded from Tom's Blog
Once the script is downloaded, run the script using the following

PS > .\Get-CsVoiceCalls.ps1 -server
If the lcscdr database is in a named instance, specify the instance
PS > .\Get-CsVoiceCalls.ps1 -server -instance

Another great script from our MVP Lync Members.
I will be posting an article shortly that I will keep up to date on scripts and tricks I find that help the Lync Community.