Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Lync 2013 Metro and Basic Client Details...

With all the buzz going around about the wave 15 server product launches some exciting client side products including the Lync 2013 Metro and Basic client apps.

Microsoft has done an excellent job on creating this app to work very well with Windows 8.
I like how clean Microsoft decided to leave it, which makes for a very fluid app.

Even window snapping works very well in this app, one thing I noticed when you click one of the menu items it will expand the app to show a larger screen view and wont stay pinned to the side but over all a good feel.


As for the Lync 2013 Basic client, looks very much the same as the full client, IM, dial pad, voicemail preview. But there is a underneath change in the basic version of the client.
  • Advanced call features; advanced call features include team ring, call forwarding, simultaneous ring, voice mail, call park, call delegation, response groups, and remote call control
  • Calendar delegation
  • Gallery video view
  • OneNote sharing
  • Recording
  • Skill search
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
I could see this version being used on "Home" computers or laptops for basic Lync 2013 functionality for IM and voice. The Basic client can be downloaded from

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  1. Yes., it's really nice to connect via Metro App.

    Is there anyway we could get the source code for this Metro App?