Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Is your connection good enough for SIP Trunking?

This post will be short and sweet. Apologies for the delay in posts. We have been busy with the launch of Server 8 and have been testing the capabilities of Hyper-V, SMB 3.0 and a few others. But received a call from a potential client and they asked me if their 5mbps fiber connection was enough to support 15 concurrent calls. let’s see.
Microsoft says:
G.711 64.8kps one way audio x 2 = 128kbps (that’s with no forward error correction) x 15 calls = 1.89Mbps
So we say yes, but with caution. With all the testing we can do to make sure all our end users get excellent quality of service using Lync. There are some things we over look such as maybe this client will want to start using conferencing, remote users, remote users using video etc... Then there are the not so obvious. Jitter, packet loss, MOS...

All these things will eat a 5mbps connection, and while the day to day web browsing, SMTP traffic and so on.
a great website I use all the time to see if clients connections are "SIP Trunk" worthy is Which is run and hosted by ThinkTel. An approved Lync OIP Trunk Provider. from this we can see reliability of the connection as well as any possible issues beforehand that will break up the audio signal.

Just though I would shoot that one out. Has helped us out tons in the past, even with troubleshooting!
Note: I am still going to be posting my Server 8 Lync deployment, but haven’t had the chance yet. Should be in the next few weeks.

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