Friday, 30 March 2012

Multiple Line URIs for one Response Group Workflow

In my last post "Outbound PSTN Calling from a Lync Response Group" the same client has 28 inbound numbers that they wanted to hit 1 response group. Well I first thought I was tasked with creating 28 identical response groups. What a waist of time and a pain for administration.

The easiest way to accomplish this would be to create an Announcement that forwards to the SIP URI of your Response Group Workflow. Then configure an Unassigned Number for each additional number that you want to route to your Response Group.
You have to create an Announcement via Powershell:

New-CSAnnouncement -Parent ApplicationServer:<Front End FQDN> -Name "Forward to RGS" -TargetUri

Then create an Unassigned Number for each additional Number:

New-CsUnassignedNumber -AnnouncementName "Forward to RGS" -AnnouncementService ApplicationServer:<Front End FQDN> -NumberRangeStart "+18005551234" -NumberRangeEnd "+18005551234"

where +18005551234 is the additional number you want to send to the RGS. If you already have an Unassigned Number range configured, make sure you reconfigure your existing Unassigned Number ranges to exclude these additional numbers so that there are no Unassigned Number ranges with overlapping phone numbers.

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  1. Woaw thanks for sharing this is really a smart workaround. Great tip!!